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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Multimethods aren't magic (nor mutable)

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What does this code display?

(defmulti foo first)
(def print-foo (comp println foo))
(defmethod foo :a [x]
"it's a 'a'!")
(print-foo [:a])

Nothing, it raises an error: it doesn't know what to do with the dispatch value :a. The value of foo is captured when comp is called.

The thing to keep in mind is that defmethod mutates the var, not the multimethod itself — which is of course immutable. The solution is to pass the var instead of the multimethod to comp:

(defmulti foo first)
(def print-foo (comp println #'foo))
(defmethod foo :a [x]
"it's a 'a'!")
(print-foo [:a]) ; prints "it's a 'a'!"

Update or maybe it's a code smell that you should use a macro instead of a function.

Update 2 Clojure's father (Rich Hickey) says : the correct thing to do is use the var.

Jumping to Javadocs from the REPL

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(defn open-url [url]
(let [htmlpane (new javax.swing.JEditorPane url)]
(.setEditable htmlpane false)
(.addHyperlinkListener htmlpane
(proxy [javax.swing.event.HyperlinkListener] []
(hyperlinkUpdate [#^javax.swing.event.HyperlinkEvent e]
(when (= (.getEventType e) (. javax.swing.event.HyperlinkEvent$EventType ACTIVATED))
(if (instance? javax.swing.text.html.HTMLFrameHyperlinkEvent e)
(.. htmlpane getDocument (processHTMLFrameHyperlinkEvent e))
(.setPage htmlpane (.getURL e))
(catch Throwable t
(.printStackTrace t))))))))
(doto (new javax.swing.JFrame)
(setContentPane (new javax.swing.JScrollPane htmlpane))
(setBounds 32 32 700 900)

(defn javadoc [c]
(let [url (str ""
(.. c getName (replace \. \/) (replace \$ \.)) ".html")]
(open-url url)))

; usage:
; (javadoc Throwable) opens a window displaying Throwable's javadoc
; hint: (javadoc (class some-object))