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Monday, April 27, 2009

Screenscraping with Enlive

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(select (html-resource ( "")) [:#main [:a (attr? :href)]]) returns a seq of link nodes.


dnolen said...


What's the best way to get the flattened list of matching nodes? Using a zipper on the result of select?


Christophe Grand said...


select already returns a list of nodes, so I'm unsure about what you want to flatten. Can you be more precise?

dnolen said...

Oops sorry for the slow reply. I notice for example when I extract all divs from, I only get two divs. That is because all the other divs are nested in those two top level ones. I was just asking for guidance about the best way to traverse just the divs I'm interested in- hopefully I'm making sense here.

Christophe Grand said...

I fixed this bug this morning (CEST)